Pres day / CNY / Valentines weekend

What’s everyones plans? We got some dinner thing for Valentines but nothing major. I am definitely gonna enjoy the long weekend!

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shithead(s) of the day February 12, 2010

Public purse sending top Tories to Games

I’ve worked for the provincial government for 7 years with the last year and half as an employee and I must say all in all its been a pretty good experience and they’ve been pretty good to me.
But the link above just peevs me.
It wasn’t bad enough that due to running a deficit there are to be no bonuses this year and all non union employees are wage frozen for 2 years. I rolled with this as it could be worse still and its a fairly decent job. Then at the beginning of this year our pension contributions went up because the pension lost too much money when the markets tanked and they needed to build up their cash flow so thats less money for me every paycheck and I doubt that when the markets go back up they will reduce our pension contributions back down to last year’s levels.

Regardless, I rolled with all of this. but then last week they announced they had suspended our wellness and learning account which is a measly $500/year so we can get some new computer hardware, buy some books or even claim our home internet bills. Compared to the bonuses and raises that were suspended, $500/year is peanuts in the grand scheme things and at least it helps with employee morale as well as help with some of the bills and other small purchases. So this latest “cost cutting measure” was a pretty low kick in the nuts and after reading the article today that they are wasting a bunch of money so the higher ups can go to the Olympics on PRIVATE PLANES to drum up “business” and make “Alberta more visible”. I mean if they drum up business at these games do you think we’ll get our learning account back? Hell no not to even wonder about the bonuses and raises…

That is some utter bs and I can no longer bite my tongue on getting shafted here at work while crap like this happens…
They still need us peons to keep the various ministries running and to continue to deliver essential services to the rest of the province and they keep kicking us even though we’re already down on the floor, something seems pretty screwed around here, oh wait THATS ME and the rest of the cogs that keep the wheels turning…
I think I deserve a trip to the Olympics on a private plane too…..

Something tells me after voting for the Tories since I have been of electoral age and now seeing this bs, I might be switching my vote over to the new right wing conservative party thats been gathering quite a bit of steam lately. Hello WildRose party!!!
The Tories now seem so out of touch with the people…

So here we have the shithead(s) of the day…

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No time for the good stuff today.

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Testing Blackberry wordpress AP 🙂

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shithead of the day February 11, 2010

if I didn’t know the answer to your question the first time, I’m still not going to know the answer the 2nd and 3rd time you ask the same questions 5 mins later. and saying “I’m just tryin my luck” when I call you on it makes you the shithead for February 11, 2010. Congratulations on your prestigious title!

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My doggy Ryley..

Here is pic of my dog Ryley and I am also posting this with the Blackberry WordPress App.

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Scandelous Girls

Just to make Z happy, here are his two fav girls playing with each other and grabbing boobage…

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chiro appt today

So< i hurt my back yesterday playing bball so now I gotta visit the’s very sore right now…  I’ll let you know how it goes 😐


I got adjusted and I feel a LOT better.  Hopefully this continues so I can continue my bball fun…

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Best mod for your car…

Dump valve for your car… NON TURBO!

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