Okay, now I’m ready to work. And by work, I mean IRC.

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Saving this one for posterity.

Thanks to Khoi for this one.

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screw sc2 too

Yea, screw SC2! They don’t want me to test it on my awesome dual core VMware setup, then they won’t get it! SCREW YOU GUYS!! I’m gonna find a single player and just play by myself!

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Screw Starcraft 2.

Yes, screw starcraft 2. I got better things to worry about. From tomorrow I’m going to be playing this song on nonstop loop in the background while I destroy bitches with my Apache.

04 Queen Of The Stone Age – Millionaire

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To everyone that is in the SC2 Beta. Know that I hate you all.

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Shithead of the day Feb 24, 2010

If the elevator is crowded do not squeeze your fat ass into the elevator especially when you have 2 giant bags that you hit me with repeatedely while trying to get into the elevator. WAIT FOR THE NEXT ELEVATOR and why do you even have a gym bag, we all know you haven’t excersized in years!!!

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shithead of the day Feb 23, 2010

If you can’t get your specifications right and also don’t communicate to us what you are trying to do so that we can advse you, don’t get bitchy when you don’t get what you want. I am not a psychic and if I was I would probably be sipping mojitos in the bahamas 😀

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Just too cute 😀

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Crazy girl?



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Stupid drivers

So on my way to get lunch today, (and fyi, I didn’t get the VC sandwich I wanted… stupid VCs and celebrating CNY on a Tuesday two days after the fact… ) I almost smashed into 3 vehicles.

As I pulled into the parking lot for the first sandwich shop, the car in front of me decides to stop randomly in the middle of the parking lot, and just sit there.

After leaving the parking lot, and driving by two other shops that were closed, I was getting ready to turn right to hop onto the expressway to get back to work.  A minivan in front of me merges into my lane to turn right.  Then all of a sudden decides to change its mind, signals left, and parks itself right in the middle of my lane.

And lastly, after finally getting onto the road heading back to work, a nice big rig decides that he missed his turn, starts out on the left lane, and swings wide right 2 lanes over, into my lane to make a turn.  Luckily I was able to speed past him to avoid getting smashed, but goodness… WHAT A DAY TO GO BUY LUNCH!

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