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You know sex sells.

Shopping for sizes

So today at lunch, I stopped by the mall to pick up some socks, for I have a dreaded sock eating monster hidden in my washing machine. After picking up a package of brand new white socks, I swung by … Continue reading

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If your indoors and you are not wearing a jacket and its not cold inside then don’t look like a yuppie and wear a scarf around your neck especially if your in a t-shirt. I just don’t get this trend … Continue reading

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Google Wifi rocks… and sucks

Just to let you know that Google Wifi in Mountain view is nice and fast… if you’re in the Mountain View library. Everywhere else around the city, the speed’s about equivalent to dialup, or slower. Yuck.

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So now I want boobs…

You know how girls seem to always complain about guys staring at their chests? Well, yesterday, I was kind of jealous as to why no girls ever stare at my chest! Since I’ve been losing a little weight now, my … Continue reading

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