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Food rants

So I have these two coworkers that have an attraction to horribly tasting food from the worse places possible.  For example, today, we were discussing what to get for lunch.  So one of the two goes: HEY! Let’s go eat … Continue reading

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Are all men perverts?

Short answer: Yes. How can I prove this? Easy. Please look at the following photo: Now if you were sleeping in the same room as her, what kind of thoughts would be traveling through your mind? I’m pretty sure you … Continue reading

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Website Dramas

I’ve never understood this aspect of the internet: website/forum competition drama. Recently, two forums I visit decided to have some drama with each other with people banning each other, people calling each other names, the works. This reminded me a … Continue reading

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Costco Pizza Fiasco

So I’m still alive. I’ve just been extremely busy lately. But don’t worry. I’ll do my best to post some pictures soon. Hopefully today if I have a chance. It’s hard to look/post girlie pictures at work though 🙂 Anyways. … Continue reading

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Natsumi Abe

Today’s girl comes at Khoi’s request. Actually. No.  He held me at gunpoint, and told me if she wasn’t on the wall, I would die a horrible, horrible death. I value my life too much to give it up over … Continue reading

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Shopping for sizes

So today at lunch, I stopped by the mall to pick up some socks, for I have a dreaded sock eating monster hidden in my washing machine. After picking up a package of brand new white socks, I swung by … Continue reading

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When tech support goes bad

So recently I ordered DSL through SBC.  The process was pretty painless… yeah right! I tried to order DSL from their website.  I typed in my address and guess what?  They could not find my address.  Now if my place … Continue reading

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Seriously, some should keep their mouths shut

More of my stupid people rants. Yesterday, I had to call the bank to get information about my brother’s bank account and why it wasn’t opened yet.  Well I went to the bank’s website to look for a contact phone … Continue reading

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“Let’s be friends”

I never understood that sentence.  Sure, on the outside it seems like a nice and easy way to break someone’s heart, but have you ever sat down to think about the effects? I’ve been reading quite a few posts on … Continue reading

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It’s days like this that I relate to Tony & Z

There’s an election coming up November 7, and I was reading over the California ballot initiatives today during the lull at work. California has a unique system where — supposedly — California voters can get a law on the ballot … Continue reading

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