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Wonder Girls Generation

Hi everyone. Sorry about not posting in a while!  I’ll hopefully have a girl to post this afternoon.  But anyways, good news!  We have another website for you to add to your bookmarks! It’s a combination of a Wonder Girls … Continue reading

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Natsumi Abe

Today’s girl comes at Khoi’s request. Actually. No.  He held me at gunpoint, and told me if she wasn’t on the wall, I would die a horrible, horrible death. I value my life too much to give it up over … Continue reading

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U-ka Saegusa

Today’s girl comes at the request of Smaky. U-ka Saegusa is part of a Japanese band named after her, U-ka Saegusa in DB. She is awesomely cute in videos, but the problem with her as well as many Japanese Pop … Continue reading

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My mind is going out of this universe~

Have you ever listened to Kim Jin Pyo’s Shampoo Ae Yojung? Some of the things he says in that song applies to me now… 🙂   🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀

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Technology can be useful as well as a dread

This weekend I went out and bought a 1gig microSD chip for my phone. It was about time my “MP3-phone” had a collection of mp3s on it. So I took it home and started to play around with loading music … Continue reading

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