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When you want to be fit

Tip of the Day

[14:37] gyuri> ugh [14:37] gyuri> tummy hurts [14:37] * gyuri goes pOof [14:38] citsejam> remember to bring a plunger [14:39] Smaky> u dont need a plunger if u just double flush [14:40] Fobtastic> no [14:41] Fobtastic> you have to flush … Continue reading

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Smaky’s D-Day

No I am not storming any beaches, if I were to be on a beach I’d probably be laying there getting my tan on. Today is Smaky goes to visit the dentist day (d-day) for the 1st time in almost … Continue reading

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So now I want boobs…

You know how girls seem to always complain about guys staring at their chests? Well, yesterday, I was kind of jealous as to why no girls ever stare at my chest! Since I’ve been losing a little weight now, my … Continue reading

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