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What else? Yum yum!

Food rants

So I have these two coworkers that have an attraction to horribly tasting food from the worse places possible.  For example, today, we were discussing what to get for lunch.  So one of the two goes: HEY! Let’s go eat … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day

[14:37] gyuri> ugh [14:37] gyuri> tummy hurts [14:37] * gyuri goes pOof [14:38] citsejam> remember to bring a plunger [14:39] Smaky> u dont need a plunger if u just double flush [14:40] Fobtastic> no [14:41] Fobtastic> you have to flush … Continue reading

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Costco Pizza Fiasco

So I’m still alive. I’ve just been extremely busy lately. But don’t worry. I’ll do my best to post some pictures soon. Hopefully today if I have a chance. It’s hard to look/post girlie pictures at work though 🙂 Anyways. … Continue reading

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Time for a food break!

Just to break up the monotony of generic looking asian girls and guys here’s some pie for you all.  Specialty Blueberry Cream pie from the Sunnyside Bakery in Wahiawa, Oahu.  

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Fobs R Us

I ate a Chinese restaurant today, one that Yan Yan and I frequently go to. There is a waitress there who is young, probably between 20-25, but boy is she a big fob. Her English when talking about the food … Continue reading

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I love sugar!

As all of the guys in the chatroom know, I’m a sugar nut. I always have cake, cream puffs, cookies, etc. laying around my office. This is probably why I’m so fat but meh… I don’t care. It’s worth it. … Continue reading

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French Bakeries: Where are they?

Last week I went to La Baguette at the Stanfurd Shopping Center and ate for the first time there. Bought some brioches for me & Yan Yan while we shopped. Man those are some damn tasty treats. There were some … Continue reading

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Tomato sauce rip off?

Last night I was at the grocery store picking up some ingredients to make a pasta dish. I needed a can of tomato paste, so I swung by the sauces aisle to pick it up. As I’m walking down the … Continue reading

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