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I'm a site admin for I currently work at Ticketmaster as a project manager, however, I've done UNIX administration and management.

Hey this is Z… i’m with Smaky, Milky and Myst.. and we are picking up Dishes…

For all the folks who were able to meet us for the 10 year anniversary meet, we thank you!  It was an awesome meet!  We had quite a few people we met, including zeki, kathu, JJJJ, onii, vtec, Milk-Man … Continue reading

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Emma Watson

Besides these lovely asian ladies, I’m going to put in my 2-cents for the young and talented Emma Watson! If you don’t know her (shame on you!) she is the actress who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter series. Give … Continue reading

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You know you are hitched.  You barely come on #finklses anymore… :'( BTW, anyone else on facebook? 😛

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New forum area

NEW forum area!

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Couples Shower?!

I am part of this wedding (got picked to be an attendant/groomsman) and I have to talk about this crazy wedding story. So, here goes! The bride/groom wants to do a couple shower. I can understand a bridal shower, but … Continue reading

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Fantastic Four 2

Watched FF2 this weekend and I was very impressed.  Much better than the other Marvel films of late (ie. Spiderman 3, etc).  Silver Surfer was a great character (I have a few comics of him) and it was pretty cool.  … Continue reading

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16:52 < citsejam> 16:52 < citsejam> MANCRUSH 16:53 < +gyuri> ! 16:53 < +gyuri> FINE 16:53 < @Eugene> $#!~!%#%#$ 16:53 < @Yuri> !!! 16:53 < +gyuri> IT’S OVER 16:53 < @MViolator> MANCRUSH is citsejam! 16:53 < @MViolator> MANCRUSH 16:53 … Continue reading

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stupid DST

So, what wtf is up with DST?  It’s all BS.. it doesn’t even save electricity.  I can’t even stay awake because my sleeping patterns are all f’d up.  BAHHHHH! Here is an entertaining article: It even states that DST … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday…..

To meeee!!!!!!  It’s my bday today.. I’m 31.  OUCH.

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I’m at home working since 1030PM PST and now it’s 2:01PM PST.  YAWNNNNnnn…. I am so tired!  This call is so boring too — since I don’t have productoin access.. i feel so useless hehe. AND I have a meeting … Continue reading

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