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The Best Weekend Ever… EVAR!

Well actually no not really. It was more fun for my wife. Her best friend’s fiance left for a business trip on Saturday morning, which means she has to sleep alone for a few days. She gets kind of frightened … Continue reading

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Circuit City & Monster Cable Cons (hey, where’s part 2 Shanghai?)

Well guys, I might as well post something as I haven’t got to putting up part 2 of my Semicon China story (it’s just a nice story about a restaurant and pics).  Well I’ll use this time to tell you … Continue reading

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Aftermath of the trip, pt 1

Well, another trade show, another bore.  Though because it was my first semiconductor show in China, there were a few things different. The first thing different is that because this was a show in Asia, there had to be more … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time…

I’ve just realized I’ve not posted for what seems like a month… or two months!  I guess rather than just saying it’s because of work it’s probably more neglect and apathy.  Which is a problem I have with blogs… I’d … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

It’s the day after Christmas, the one and only Boxing Day!  Have fun packaging your stuff to return it to the store!

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Christmas Presents For The Misses

Weeks ago when Yan Yan was gone I was literally one click away from getting either a Wii or PS3 (both at inflated prices) or an Xbox360. Her being gone caused me some good misery and loneliness that probably would … Continue reading

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Small Update

My mom is doing fine, doctors there gave her some injections.  Apparently these doctors are the wiser ones, as they could tell from the initial examination yesterday that her kidney was indeed reacting to the medication, something that the American … Continue reading

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It’s Tuesday…

… And I still didn’t get a chance to touch that F.E.A.R. Expansion set yet (let alone more important things like PHP stuff ^^;).  If this keeps going on I may need to re-evaluate my priorities.

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The Wild Wild Weekend

In truth, this wild weekend actually began last weekend. Let me indulge into the details. Last weekend, which also happened to be Thanksgiving break weekend, was a somewhat tumultuous ride as well, and none of it was really because of … Continue reading

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It’s 1:33 AM and I’m still up…

… But I’m exhausted. In fact, this has got to be the most exhausting, melodramatic, and unbelievable weekend I’ve ever had. I’ll chronicle it later in the day. For now, just know that it’s ended…

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