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Tip of the Day

[14:37] gyuri> ugh [14:37] gyuri> tummy hurts [14:37] * gyuri goes pOof [14:38] citsejam> remember to bring a plunger [14:39] Smaky> u dont need a plunger if u just double flush [14:40] Fobtastic> no [14:41] Fobtastic> you have to flush … Continue reading

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MANCRUSH (aka: Sung Si Kyung)

[youtube:] [youtube:] [youtube:] For added mancrushyness: [youtube:]

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Gyuri of the Day


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Huh? What? Okay.

[19:24] khoi> i had a dream today and i dreamt that someone stole my shoes and i was extremely pissed Discuss.

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What is this trash?

I came to this blog expecting a valid representation of finklses’ IRC channel, but I feel like I’m going to vomit after merely going over the posts on the first page. This is simply disgusting. An abomination. A complete farce. … Continue reading

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