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Just thought I’d say G’day!

No one’s written anything here in ages! What’s going on people?

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Ok, since this placed hasn’t been updated in ages I figured I’d post up something nice and short whilst my boss is away. Now I know most of you know but yes I’m not officially hitched. That is all. Btw, … Continue reading

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Bumping this up

Where all you foo’s been? This place has died down completely. I’d post at work if I could but it’s been hectic due to Telstra launching to many new promotions. Let’s leave that on the side since all I seem … Continue reading

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The Sandwich

Now at work right, our emailing system is used a lot. When I mean a lot, I mean a lot! Anyways, we have certain folders which allocates team emails, new/server updates, personal stuff & another folder called ‘Shift Swaps’ (Self-explanatory?). … Continue reading

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For he’s a jolly good fellow …

And says so all of us! I am now party of the old group. How fun! Where my pressies! RAWR!

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And so it begins …

G’day! And so it begins, this new blog for everyone to share. Quite nifty if you tell me, atleast I get to see what goes on with some of you’s since I’m hardly on mIRC these days. I’ve been so … Continue reading

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