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Rock Band Does IT!

[10:50] Fobulous: Khoi, did your rock band delivery come with this? [10:50] Fobulous: [10:50] pdoggeth_: ack [10:50] pdoggeth_: nsfw [10:50] khoi|wok: it came with 3 of those [10:50] Fobulous: rofl [10:50] Fobulous: one for each instrument? [10:50] pdoggeth_: i … Continue reading

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Yet More Distractions

Uh oh, myst finally got me to sign up for join them for the Coffee Break. Now I have yet another way to procrastinate. And you know what they say about procratination: “Procrastination is like masturbation. In the end, you … Continue reading

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