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hands in my pockets…

why is everyone trying to stick their hands in my pockets? *tries to remember that commercial about “hands in my pockets”* lol   Sports Illustrated: I have heard ppl being sucked into this before, but never have i witness it … Continue reading

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so sad… no wii

sears… NEVER AGAIN!! damn bastards cancelled my order. stupid lack of POS online and inventory control. stupid lack of committment to their consumers. stupid purchasing dept can’t even committ to a single shipment with their suppliers. if you ain’t got … Continue reading

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my post is 1/2 cut off….   ak… im too lazy to retype the other 1/2…maybe later

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water warning

today is the 5th day for GVRD’s water discoloration warning. which really didnt effect me except when i was at work. where i live is totally fine. water is v. v. clear. so today is Monday, and i need a … Continue reading

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tsk tsk tsk

so it’s month end at work for me. which means crunch time. what i don’t understand is why some ppl are so friggin lazy!!! it just pisses me off when i have to clear variances when the person who is … Continue reading

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many rants of coffeegurlo

here’s a list of many things that peeves me (in no particular order)… you come to work to work. not yack on the goddamn phone all day. i say this only to those that speak as if they are in … Continue reading

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