being the “loser” bf

So one of my best friend’s is away in South Africa for his sister’s wedding. In the meantime his girlfriend is house sitting his condo but alas she does not drive so its a pain in the arse for her to get around town so when I can I will drive her to run errands and what not.

So anyways as most people who read this blog know, FFXIII came out yesterday and my friend had a pre-order and wanted us to pick it up for him so he could play when he gets back from SA. The thing with pre orders is that you need to provide your receipt and a piece of ID to claim it and the only government ID we had for my friend was his Alberta health card which is a non picture id. So we arrive at EB later on in the evening last night and walk on in to get the pre order. Of course my friend’s gf has the receipt and the ID so she hands the clerk the receipt while I just stand there. The clerk then asks for the ID and again she reaches into her wallet and pulls out the health card. The clerk doesn’t ask any questions and says thank you. Then he turns to me and hands me the Final Fantasy poster that comes with all pre orders and I’m like “uhhh coo thanks…” Then the clerk tells us the oustanding balance on the game and my friend’s gf pays with her credit card and signs as I again do nothing but stand there.

Upon reflection it must have appeared to the clerk that I was the “loser bf” that can’t carry my own receipts/identification and then doesn’t even pay for a game which I am most likely playing. By the same token my friend’s gf seems like the super awesome gf the one that carries everything and pays for everything INCLUDING VIDEO GAMES!!! I felt like KFed, useless and poor and it was not a feeling I enjoyed……

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