TaeYeon visits Kinkos

Well not really, but close enough 😛

So Milky convinced me to go buy a couple of MadCatz TE sticks for Street Fighter.  Well these things are like a modder’s dream.  You can mod them up the wazoo.  After mucking around with random parts and things of that sort, it was time to upgrade the artwork.  And being the Taengoo fanatic that I am, of course I had to have her image plastered over my new toy…  that and it seems everyone in #finklses convinced me to maintain the pedobear image.

I had a problem with coming up with artwork, so Milky decided to do me the honor by creating an art piece with TaeYeon plastered all over the stick, along with a HUGE pedobear seal.  I wanted to see how it would all look, so I took the image to a Kinkos to have it printed out, minus the pedobear seal.  The girl behind the desk apparently didn’t know how to work the machine or something, so she came back with an image that was 11×15 instead of the default 8.5 x 13.something.

Standing next to me was an ahjumma who was printing a menu for her restaurant.  She sees this HUGE Taengoo photo coming out of the printer, and then being placed on the counter.  She takes a step over to my side of the register, and looks at this huge photo of TaeYeon, and then looks at me and goes, “아 소녀시대.  You know?”

I just nodded and said “Yes”.  She smiled, and continued to stare at the photo.  I took the huge image home and tried to install it, only to find out it was the wrong size.  So back to another Kinkos I go.  The next Kinkos I went to apparently had a dummy working the machine too, since the artwork came out looking ridiculously pixelated.

I had some free time at work, so I decided to create another Taeng art piece without uprez’ing the image too much.  I took it to a Kinkos near where I work, and had it printed out.  The image came out way better than before, actually, extremely nice; except I fail at cutting paper, and left tons of white spots bleeding over the black borders.  I should have printed a second copy, but it gave me time to figure out what I did wrong with the image.

So I touched up the errors in the image that I wasn’t happy with, and took it back to Kinkos the next day.  I walked in and requested an image printed on 100lb card stock, and handed the employee my USB drive.  The shady guy replies, “Oh we dont have 100lb card stock.”  I know this is wrong since I was just there yesterday, and they made a great print on 100lb card stock for me.  I told him to just print it on something thicker than normal laser paper then, and he proceeds to set the image up in Photoshop and prints it.

He walks away and queues the image up on the printer.  He comes back and goes, “Well apparently we do have 100lb card stock, except no one told me about it.” Sure dude.  I believe him since he didn’t talk to anyone, and walked directly to the paper storage area to pull out the paper.

I proceed to pay for the print, and he bags up the print.  I then look at him, and he kind of gives me that “WTH do you want?” look back at me.  I asked for my USB chip back, and he goes: “Oh yeah! I forgot.  I guess I almost got a free one.”  Sure sure… shady. Very shady, but at least my TaeYeon art came out looking good.

Here’s how the final photoshop looks.

I’ll upload the final product after I install it later tonight, if I remember to take a photo of it.

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