You know you’ve been consumed too much with work and watching too much Supernatural when…….

So I had just had this rather strange yet hilarious dream.
It all started out with my office moving to a different floor or building and showing up to work trying to find all our crap and get set up so we could get our work done. I think I spent half the time trying to scope which office to take over and figure where people were since our new office was huge. So it was pretty uneventful until a demon started possessing people all of a sudden. Next thing I know I run outside and someone I have no clue who threw some holy water on the demon and I jumped the fence and stabbed that mofo with something and killed it. the wack thing is the demon exited the possessed person just like it does in Supernatural, big dusty black cloud coming out of the person’s mouth for 10 secs. Next thing I know I’m at some crazy house party celebrating my awesomeness and then I woke up >_<

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