Oops I did it again!!!

So a couple days ago I was adding my friend’s number to my phone so after I added their number to my phone I texted them so they would have my number. Thing is my friend’s phone was in their car as we were playing soccer and they didn’t bring it out. Well what I forgot was that old school #finklses funny story man Dishes has the exact same first name last name as my friend. So after coming off the field for soccer I look at my phone and there a response that says whats up? I look at my friend and I said BS your phone is in you car you just replied. My friend gave me the wtf look and was like no its seriously in my car and that I msged the wrong person. Looked at the number and sure enough it was not a local area code and at that point I realized it was Dishes haha he thought maybe I had landed in NYC and was seeing if I wanted to meet up. One day Dishes one day I will make my way to NYC :D.

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