Take off your shoes!

Okay.  Here’s a tidbit for you white folks out there.  Asian people do not like you walking around their house with your shoes on.  I don’t care if they say it’s okay.  I don’t care if you see them walking around with shoes on.  It is NOT okay.  YOU take off your shoes before you walk around their home.

For the most part, Asian people have very nice flooring, with either some bright color carpeting,  some kind of expensive wood flooring, or very nice tile.  Each family is different, but they definitely don’t want you taking your dirty, muddy, sandy, wet shoes and getting their floors dirty.  Doing so will probably mean you will never be invited back into their home again, unless they are inviting you back to give you a beat down and so they can walk all over your face with their dirty muddy shoes.

That is your PSA for the day.  And knowing is half the battle.

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