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So a few years ago, one of my buddies comes to me with a business proposition, and he wanted me to be the programmer for it.  I really didn’t want to do all that coding, so I told him I would hire some Indian programmer to do the work, and I would supervise the work.  I found some freelancer to do the work; and he was pretty chatty, so I figured it would be good since I could easily communicate with him.

The first stage of the project went three weeks over schedule, because the programmer couldn’t finish the work.  Delay after delay after delay.  The whole time I had to convince my friend to stick with this programmer since we had already put a deposit down.  Finally he finished and we had to pay him.

I told him I needed my friend’s authorization to pay him, since it was my friend’s project and I wasn’t in charge of finances.  My buddy didn’t have a computer at that time, so I told the programmer to wait 2 days and we’ll pay him.  The next morning, I woke up and the programmer deleted all of his work.  I told him that was very unprofessional of him, especially after all the chances I gave him after he delayed the project.  He felt bad about what he did, and put the work back so my buddy could look over it.  He got paid, but my friend wasn’t too happy.

I decided to have a 2nd round with this guy since we were using a weird code base that he was already familiar with.  We gave him a list of changes we wanted made.  For a month he kept saying he would finish it, but never did.  Then he just disappeared off the face of the planet.  He didn’t answer emails nor IMs.  I got fed up and moved to a different contractor.

Six months down the road, the programmer sends me an IM telling me that his real job was pressuring him to work extra hours, and he couldn’t work on my project.  I told him it was alright, but he should have at least reported where he was or that he wasn’t going to be able to complete the work so I could find another.  He agreed and asked if we had any work.  I had a small project I was too lazy to code, so I offered it to him.  He agreed to do it, and promised it he give a daily status report.  But once again, he disappeared the next day.

A year passed by, and just 30 minutes ago, this guy has the nerve to send me an IM, “Hi Sir. How have you been?”.  He then starts giving me his sad sob story about how he lost his job, doesn’t have money to feed his family, and how he needs work and would like me to give him another chance so he can make some money.  I told him the economy is down right now, and people aren’t really looking to spend money.  He keeps begging me for work, even though I repetitively tell him there’s nothing.  He refuses to believe that there is no work for him, and that I should forgive him and give him another chance.

It’s not that I don’t want to help him, but he should have taken my advice… Now he’s gone and burned two bridges with two different people. Sigh…  Some people…

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