Food rants

So I have these two coworkers that have an attraction to horribly tasting food from the worse places possible.  For example, today, we were discussing what to get for lunch.  So one of the two goes: HEY! Let’s go eat food at the food court at the mall.

Okay.  I should stop here as you can see how stupid he is, but no… I must go on.

After convincing him not to eat there, and offering an alternative (Pho), he goes: Okay! Let’s go eat at Pho ——.  The restaurant he mentioned has got to be the dirtiest, smelliest restaurant in the ghetto area of the city.  I mean, you walk in and the restaurant smells like bleach mixed with ammonia, and is about ready to explode.

So once again, I had to offer up another alternative.  I told him about Filet Mignon Pho.  Which sounds great right?  Nope!  He has no idea what filet mignon is.  “Is that a French Pho restaurant?”

Goodness… —

We ended up going to the strip mall where they served the filet mignon pho, I didn’t end up getting my filet mignon pho. 🙁  We ate at their sister restaurant, that only served up the chicken variety.  It didn’t help that while I was eating, this girl walks in, with a face more manly than mines, but we’ll save that story for another day.

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