Hey this is Z… i’m with Smaky, Milky and Myst.. and we are picking up Dishes…

For all the folks who were able to meet us for the 10 year finklses.com anniversary meet, we thank you!  It was an awesome meet!  We had quite a few people we met, including zeki, kathu, JJJJ, onii, vtec, Milk-Man + ex and few other newcomers such as jongo and crazygideon!

It was a great pleasure to meet everyone and we had lots of fun (not to mention all the food!) 😛  I’m sure Myst et all will continue on this post but I wanted to post this before I forget (ie. title of this post!). 😛

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I'm a site admin for http://finklses.com. I currently work at Ticketmaster as a project manager, however, I've done UNIX administration and management.
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