Weekend Getaway Part II

So here’s part 2 of this long anticipated event.

Saturday morning:

Z decided to keep his word and called me at 8:10AM.  Yes… He let me sleep in for an extra ten minutes.  Oh how I <3 him for those extra ten minutes of sleep I got.  Z needed the address to get to Kuan’s love shack, and since Kuan was in bed sleeping due to the fact he was banging three girls before we showed up, I had to pull out some crazy stalker skills.  I looked around the house for the address, and found one of Kuan’s roommate’s DMV car registration stickers.  I read Z the address, and tried to go back to sleep.  But of course by then I couldn’t, so I woke up.  Chris was sleeping next to the window so he could have easy access to all the pedo girls that walked by, so he woke up as soon as he heard girls walking by.  After a few moments, all three of us were up.  We kind of sat around until 9AM, and wondered where Z was.  I called him up, and he was still home.  !!! I could have slept an extra ten MORE minutes! 😛

Z finally came about twenty minutes after.  After parking his car, we pulled out a terrorist sized duffel bag.  Z’s basketball bag was bigger than my entire suitcase of clothes for the entire weekend.  We set off to walk over to the SAC to play some basketball there.  The walk was about a mile and a half, downhill.  We got to see random people on campus, but nothing that really stood out.  We got into the SAC, and Z apparently knew that place better than Kuan did.  He knew were all the restrooms were, how to get easy access to the broom closet, as well as other secret locations.
After Z changed into his superman gear, we started playing basketball with a few people that were hanging around there.  Long story short, I sucked like a dyson, Z shot like a black man, Kuan had the energy of a horny college student, and Chris ended up being Phil Jackson.  Chris started to get annoyed by the way some of the other people were playing, so he took it upon himself to start coaching them.

We were about to play one more game until Z got a call from his buddy Jonathan, who we were suppose to meet up with to get lunch together.  So we didn’t play the last game, and walked back to Kuan’s love shack.  The walk back was pretty painful, because it was about noon, we were tired, and now we were walking up hill.  Oh, and Z’s duffel bag looked even bigger.  I think he kidnapped a UCLA cheerleader or something, but I didn’t dare ask.

Getting back to Kuan’s place, I remembered that I forgot to pack a towel.  So I asked Kuan if he had an extra, but he only had one… that he already gave to Chris.  Chris volunteered to share towels with me… but yeah… That wasn’t going to happen.  I took a shower, and ended up wiping myself down with an extra tshirt I packed.  I had the wettest hair there was… I was pretty much a walking puddle.

We all finished showering, while Jonathan was sitting in Kuan’s apartment checking out all the pictures Kuan had on the wall.  We then left, and got into the elevator.  That was the start of my problem… I was in the way!  Because I’m a stubborn jerk, I didn’t want to stand all the way to the back of the elevator, and my fattiness confused the door sensors.  The elevator doors wouldn’t close.  Z had to bash me on the head, knock me out, and drag my body to the back of the elevator before we could leave the apartment.

Jonathan chose a sushi restaurant for us to eat at.  We came there about 1ish, and it was packed!  The lines were out the door, and people were sitting on top of each other.   After waiting around outside, the restaurant finally had room for us to wait inside.  So we all moved inside, and once again, my chunkiness got in the way.  People were trying to leave the place, and no matter where I moved, I got into people’s way.  Oh how awesome.  Apparently this annoyed Jonathan and Z, so they moved me to the back of the restaurant, where we ended up standing next to waiting list.  After checking out random things like Jonathan’s expensive watch, we noticed that on the waiting list was very peculiar… Some names had hearts next to theirs.  Chris thought that people with hearts got priority treatment, and complained to the hostess, who will now be referred to as Sushi Girl.  Sushi Girl wanted to make us happy, so we moved our reservation up to the top of the list.  Then we complained about not having the heart next to Jonathan’s name.  So Sushi Girl drew a heart next to Jonathan’s name, and colored it red.  At that moment, all of us whipped out our cell phones and took a picture of the heart.  Sushi Girl immediately replied, “You guys are such losers.”

Well, after a few more minutes, Sushi Girl finally decided to seat these losers.  We ended up on the other side of the restaurant, in the corner, next to the emergency exit.  We had 2 people sitting on benches, 2 on chairs opposing the benches, and then I was on the side of the table blocking the emergency exit.  We finally ordered our food, and it was mostly Z and Jonathan ordering a bunch of pretty wild stuff for us to try out.  Chris was the rebel and ordered teriyaki beef instead.  The food came out, and it was very tasty.  The fish was very fresh, the scallops were tasty, and we had this big giant glob of fish liver, but it was very creamy.  While eating, Sushi Girl wanted to seat another person in a corner behind me; so she asked me to move my current chair to the corner, and she would give me another chair.   Then somehow she ended up in the corner behind me, and had to squeeze out.  So I moved my seat closer to the table, and she fitted through.  As she left, she made a comment, “At least I’m not a plus size.”  … DID SHE JUST CALL ME FAT?!  I tried to ignore it, but Z wouldn’t have any of that.  Boo Z!

But apparently the power of Jonathan’s red heart was too much for anyone to handle.  While eating, we needed more wasabi, and later on more ginger, and another order of food.  Each time we tried to order something, we never got it.  But the moment Jonathan put his hand up, he had people waiting on their hands and knees for him.  I want a heart next to my name next time.  So we finally wrapped up our lunch, when Chris’ pedo side came out, and he wanted a picture of Sushi Girl.  So we had Jonathan flag down Sushi Girl for us, and Chris revealed his plan to Sushi Girl.  She allowed him to take the picture, only to add in another comment, “So do I have a stalker now?”  We really need to find out her name…

We did a little driving around town, and went to K-town because I wanted to pick up a CD from Music Plaza.  Well when we got there, they ran out of the CD I wanted!  Blargh.  So I had to pick up a 2nd copy of SNSD’s first album just so I could have something for the girls to sign if I got to meet them.  We did a little more driving around town, and finally got tired, so we decided to head to Hollywood Bowl to attend the concert.

Z had hooked us up with box seats at the concert, as well as very close parking.  We really didn’t know the meaning of that until we got to the Bowl.  It was packed!  There was so much kim chee present that… Well I’m not going to go there.  🙂  But after wading through an hour of traffic to try to get to the parking lot, we finally get to the front of the line.  There were a bunch of cops standing around directing traffic.  People were getting denied parking close to the Bowl left and right.  But then here comes Z, all pimp.  Z drives up next to the cop, flashes his parking pass, and the cop lets him through, scared that Z would have to choke a cop.

Anyways… I need to go get lunch.  Hollywood Bowl experience to follow after I eat a good meal 🙂

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