Tip of the Day

[14:37] gyuri> ugh
[14:37] gyuri> tummy hurts
[14:37] * gyuri goes pOof
[14:38] citsejam> remember to bring a plunger
[14:39] Smaky> u dont need a plunger if u just double flush
[14:40] Fobtastic> no
[14:41] Fobtastic> you have to flush 1/2 way through
[14:41] Fobtastic> then flush again
[14:41] Fobtastic> otherwise you will need a plunger
[14:41] Fobtastic> =D
[14:41] Smaky> thats the DOUBLE FLUSH
[14:41] Fobtastic> the way i read double flush, is that you just flush twice
[14:41] Fobtastic> which is useless
[14:42] Smaky> nono
[14:42] Smaky> my definition double flush is what u described
[14:42] Smaky> man if u double flush twice at the end
[14:42] Smaky> if it clogs on the first flush
[14:42] Smaky> ur screwed the next flush
[14:42] Smaky> overflow city

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