Website Dramas

I’ve never understood this aspect of the internet: website/forum competition drama.

Recently, two forums I visit decided to have some drama with each other with people banning each other, people calling each other names, the works. This reminded me a lot of what happened to finklses a few years ago. During the finklses prime, a lot of people decided to start up their own channels/websites to try and compete with us.

Of course, these new channels/sites wanted a bigger user base, so they started to invite people from our channel. Honestly, I have no problems with that. Heck, I was probably in most of those new channels myself. I guess back then, it was nice to have more people in your room because that meant you had more file servers.

A part of our drama came from Eternal, who has suddenly disappeared off the face of the planet. Eternal’s online persona is probably the exact opposite of mines. I’m like the marshmallow and he’s the Nazi. I know he probably ticked off a lot of people, and made them leave finklses. But all in all, stuff worked and the channel grew while he was around. Since he left, the channel has shrunk. Maybe my marshmallowness doesnt work out in the online world 😛

But anyways, back to my rant. Why do people try so hard to compete with each other? It’s not like 99% of your users do anything useful besides steal/leech/waste your bandwidth. 😛 I remember a time when had over 10,000 registered users. And how many of them were active posters? Maybe 50… tops. Whoopi freaking do. That means we had over 9,000 users just signing up to see if we had files for them to leech and links for them to steal.

Oh, and there was the whole channel war stuff between us and some other channels. I think there was a time when we did lose #finklses. I forgot what happened, but yeah… Why? Why would you spend so much time/effort to take out another site? Why don’t you use that energy to further make your own site/forum/channel better?

What’s the point of this post? I have no freaking clue. It’s just watching all these kids reenact the drama I went through seven years ago is ridiculous. A part of me just wants to walk up to them, slap them silly, and throw them at khoi so he can go VC on them.

K. No more ranting for now. I’m making no sense…

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  1. Eternal says:


    i CREATED that shit, of course i made it work
    probably in those channels? as i recall you made one of them

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