Its a mystery to me

I never understood what it really meant to have someone feel so down
I never wanted you to feel this way
and I had no idea I made you feel this way
I never meant to harm you in anyway
but thats what is a mystery, she did not say anything and kept slient
If i knew and if she knew the way i felt, it could have been much different
but maybe its better like this in slience
so we can both grow together and not get attached to each other
and not have to rely on each other for help and making stupid mistakes
I really just want to express how i feel to you
just everything i have held back myself
and i just want to tell you
that i really care for you
though the world makes fun of you and makes you bust
i just want to be there to help you
and keep you happy and smiling
cause that is all i want to see from you
to be happy and smile at a wonderful life you have
and i just want to support you in any way
to continue that wonderful life in happiness
i just want to say, that i care for you so much
and that i feel the exact same way that you feel towards me
i never wanted to let go
of that moment that i touched your hand
that moment i stared into your eyes
that moment of you sitting under the sun
that moment when i could stand next to you and talk to you
that moment when i just could be with you
that moment to just be by your side when you are down
that moment to see your smile brighten up my day
that moment to see you stare at me and see the way i feel towards you once again

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