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Park Min Young

The return of the Girl Wall! w00t! If you wander over to our Forums, you will see that we have a new look now. The only problem is when upgraded the database, the passwords didn’t transfer over correctly. So please … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day

[14:37] gyuri> ugh [14:37] gyuri> tummy hurts [14:37] * gyuri goes pOof [14:38] citsejam> remember to bring a plunger [14:39] Smaky> u dont need a plunger if u just double flush [14:40] Fobtastic> no [14:41] Fobtastic> you have to flush … Continue reading

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Are all men perverts?

Short answer: Yes. How can I prove this? Easy. Please look at the following photo: Now if you were sleeping in the same room as her, what kind of thoughts would be traveling through your mind? I’m pretty sure you … Continue reading

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Website Dramas

I’ve never understood this aspect of the internet: website/forum competition drama. Recently, two forums I visit decided to have some drama with each other with people banning each other, people calling each other names, the works. This reminded me a … Continue reading

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Its a mystery to me

I never understood what it really meant to have someone feel so down I never wanted you to feel this way and I had no idea I made you feel this way I never meant to harm you in anyway … Continue reading

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Costco Pizza Fiasco

So I’m still alive. I’ve just been extremely busy lately. But don’t worry. I’ll do my best to post some pictures soon. Hopefully today if I have a chance. It’s hard to look/post girlie pictures at work though 🙂 Anyways. … Continue reading

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That would be Tony and the abscence of his regularly scheduled postings. ……. Did Tony finally meet Gyuri and disappear from the face of th earth? ……

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