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So up here in Edmonton its been around -30C (-22F for you Americans) the last couple days and is going to be about that cold till at least Thursday, thats not including windchill, with windchill it gets up to around … Continue reading

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Friday Showdown

So for everyone that wasn’t in the IRC channel today, which is probably all of you, you missed out on a big fight over which female celebrity is the best at … (you fill in the blank). All three sides … Continue reading

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Kim Tae Hee

Alrighty. I’m actually still stuck at work today, and I didn’t have time to think about who to post. Therefore, I just randomly chose someone, and ended up with Kim Tae Hee. She apparently won some kind of fan award … Continue reading

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Chinee_girl’s Hottie of the Day

Name: Dennis Joseph O’Neil (aka Dennis Oh) Date of Birth: August 28, 1981 Place of Birth: U.S.A Ethnicity: Korean/Caucasian Profession: Actor and Model this man makes my heart palpitate at a dangerous rate (#___#;)

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Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Actually, I lied.  I will post a girl today.  It’s because I want to welcome Chinee_girl to the list of posters, as well as… well… I can’t let her outdo me :0 Here’s Chinatsu Wakatsuki.  She’s an actress, albeit not … Continue reading

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Jessica’s S-line

No girl today because I’ve been swamped at work. But you can enjoy Chris’ favorite video of the day: [youtube:] Edit: Oh. I forgot to credit this. I found this clip over at Ambition

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gone too soon…

i didn’t intend for my first post to be on this subject but i just felt uneasy posting eye-candy for the ladies today. i would like to pay tribute to two young actors who have left too soon. No whys…no … Continue reading

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Hwang Mi Hee

Hi. Sorry. I’m in a rush today, so I’m going to just post 5 pictures of a girl that everyone is gah gah over now. Name: Hwang Mi Hee Born: January 21, 1982

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Braindead on Fridays

the 3 dumbest things witnessed by Smaky this Friday: #3) While playing poker last night, my friend bet $20 after the river on a pretty weak board. I called him playing ace high and won. Friend responded, “if I had … Continue reading

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Natsumi Abe

Today’s girl comes at Khoi’s request. Actually. No.  He held me at gunpoint, and told me if she wasn’t on the wall, I would die a horrible, horrible death. I value my life too much to give it up over … Continue reading

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