Masami Nagasawa

There’s 2 girls today because well… I just felt like it 😛

Here’s Masami Nagasawa, a Japanese actress. On the popularity rankings, she’s 2nd to Erika Sawajiri, but to me, Masami > Erika 😀 Masami’s tall and has a pretty cute face. And because she’s tall, so she doesn’t have the short and stubby Asian leg syndrome.

She’s not too bad at acting either. You can check out her work such as Proposal Daisakusen or if you don’t feel like watching a 12 episode drama, you can watch her in the Romeo and Juliet Special that air a couple of years ago. I can provide the link in the Hosted File section if there are requests for it.

Here vital stats:

Born: Jun 3, 1987
Birthplace: Shizuoka
Height: 168 cm
Blood Type: A

And here are some pictures of her:


^— This image is my phone’s wallpaper right now.



^– See… No stubbiness.


^– From her latest photoalbum, released the day she turned 21.


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