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Masami Nagasawa

There’s 2 girls today because well… I just felt like it 😛 Here’s Masami Nagasawa, a Japanese actress. On the popularity rankings, she’s 2nd to Erika Sawajiri, but to me, Masami > Erika 😀 Masami’s tall and has a pretty … Continue reading

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SNSD’s Jessica

Today’s girl comes at the request of Fobtastic/Fobulous/Fob|Work/PedoMasterExtraordinaire/Chris. He promised that if Jessica was the Friday girl, he’ll make us more banners. So if you don’t see new banners, go rape him silly. So Jessica is another one of SNSD’s … Continue reading

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SNSD’s TaeYeon

So I’m going to start a new section here on coffee… My girl wall 😀 Every day, I’m going to post random pictures of different female celebrities on coffee. Make sure you come back every day to see who the … Continue reading

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