There is no dream this time…

Im sitting here in Irvine, listening to people trying to sleep. They continue to chatter about the most random things, singing the most random songs, people watching entourage, people playing nintendo ds. I sit here reflecting this day so far and wonder wow, just wow. Ive never felt like this every before. This moment of peace, this moment of this one smile falling upon my face, this moment here listening to the laughter of people and quiet chatter about the most random things, this moment is living, this moment is continuous, this moment is what makes me smile, this moment to reflect in my life where i stand, this moment is where i think and think about this past year, this moment to sit in the darkness and type out these thoughts, this moment is just lovely. I just love the beach. I never really thought of things that could be, but im falling and i know it. I continued to capture myself through the simple replies and talks, but now realize its no game and it never was. It was just simply loving and true. I dont know why but it just makes me smile and realize that this moment now is beyond what i have ever felt. This moment is creating thought in my ive never thought of before. I just sit here now typing out these most random things, listening to the soft snores of people now fast alseep, sitting in the darkness typing this out. What else can i describe this as but something that just makes me smile. People sleep so peacefully, awaiting the coming brand new day of excitement and joy. I dont know why, but i think…..

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    In your mouth.

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