Dream #5

I was standing on top of a building in the middle of downtown LA. I look across the horizon and see the beautiful sun setting across the blue pacific ocean. The wind is blowing ferociously through my hair, and the chill of it makes my face cool. My ears tingle in the cold air and my cheeks and lips start to feel cold. Then I feel this warm sensation come over my left ear. A soft warmness that reaches my ear and begins to transfer its warmth onto my skin. I could feel the warmth travel across into my skin and began to warm my face. Then I feel an arm wrap around me from the right side and I look to my left to see a girl. Her black hair flying in the wind chill, and beneath the waving black curtain I could see her soft white skin. I caught small glipses of her red cheeks, and her lips of warmth. She continued to look out towards where I was looking at the sun setting. I put my arm around her and held her tightly to gain her warmth. Holding close together so the air could not pass between us and within our embrace keep each other comfy. I slowly turn my gaze back towards the sun, and look at its wonderful glow cover over the blue ocean. The waves reflecting the light across the sea, and reflecting lights from the city below. This warmth grew as we stood together on that tall place, overwatching the sun set. We held each other tighter and she laid her head againist my shoulder with her red scarf now flowing over her face. I lay my head gently upon hers, and begin to see the see getting smaller across the horizon. The yellow red art lit up the white clouds, and gave off a light of warmth itself. But now the chills became stronger and the coldness slightly started to come back. Then slowly I feel her head lift up and slowly she began to end the warm embrace. Slowly moving her arm from my body and making the gap between us feel cold again. I turn to see her face. Then I wake up…

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