Circuit City & Monster Cable Cons (hey, where’s part 2 Shanghai?)

Well guys, I might as well post something as I haven’t got to putting up part 2 of my Semicon China story (it’s just a nice story about a restaurant and pics).  Well I’ll use this time to tell you a shady practice done at Circuit City in Salinas.

So I went to Circuit City the other day, looking for TV prices, when I saw a nice display.  It was two identical HDTVs hooked up to an upconverting DVD player.  They were showing the same movie, and a big banner above the display said “One of these is using Monster Cable, the other isn’t.  Can you tell the difference?”.

Apparently, there was a difference, one was obviously sharper and had more resolution than the other.  At first I was like “wow, Monster really does make a difference, I always thought they were ripping people out of money”.

On closer inspection — that is, looking at the cable connections in the back — I saw why this was the case.  The great looking TV was using a Monster component cable, but the inferior TV was using just a regular A/V cable.  If that’s the case, of course the Monster TV setup would look better.  What a big con!

So folks the moral of the story is that not only does Monster Cable scam you in terms of pricing, but they’re obviously so scared of you seeing there’s no difference in the cable that they can’t even set up a fair comparison!

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