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Where all you foo’s been? This place has died down completely. I’d post at work if I could but it’s been hectic due to Telstra launching to many new promotions. Let’s leave that on the side since all I seem to talk about these days is work when people ask me, “So what’s new with you James?”
It seems though I’ve had a streak of repetitive things. Most of my weekends have been accumulated with birthday’s & bbq’s. Which isn’t a bad thing since I love bbq’s ^^. Been catching up with some old friends I hardly see these days and meeting some new faces. It happens to be I’ve met these new faces before, to bad they ain’t single.

Watched a few movies that hit the cinemas recently, let’s see now ; TMNT, 300 & Freedom Writers. All were relatively good in my books. Attended John Mayer & Beyonce’s concert not to long ago, that was awesome. F1 Grand Prix was intense, pure NA V8 music for the ears. HOORAY FOR RAIKKONEN! Been cruising up and down mountains with a few friends, plus some car clubs I have affilitations with. Been burning money like crazy.
Speaking of burning money, I have the urge of going back to one of my old hobbies. That happenings to be weapon collecting which is quite $$$.
Only it’s because the price is on special atm! 😡

– jamz

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