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There is no dream this time…

Im sitting here in Irvine, listening to people trying to sleep. They continue to chatter about the most random things, singing the most random songs, people watching entourage, people playing nintendo ds. I sit here reflecting this day so far … Continue reading

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16:52 < citsejam> 16:52 < citsejam> MANCRUSH 16:53 < +gyuri> ! 16:53 < +gyuri> FINE 16:53 < @Eugene> $#!~!%#%#$ 16:53 < @Yuri> !!! 16:53 < +gyuri> IT’S OVER 16:53 < @MViolator> MANCRUSH is citsejam! 16:53 < @MViolator> MANCRUSH 16:53 … Continue reading

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Smaky to be hitched…

Details to follow soon but your very famous Goliath-sized elbow hermit is getting hitched soon!

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Dream #5

I was standing on top of a building in the middle of downtown LA. I look across the horizon and see the beautiful sun setting across the blue pacific ocean. The wind is blowing ferociously through my hair, and the … Continue reading

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My mind is going out of this universe~

Have you ever listened to Kim Jin Pyo’s Shampoo Ae Yojung? Some of the things he says in that song applies to me now… 🙂   🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀

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Circuit City & Monster Cable Cons (hey, where’s part 2 Shanghai?)

Well guys, I might as well post something as I haven’t got to putting up part 2 of my Semicon China story (it’s just a nice story about a restaurant and pics).  Well I’ll use this time to tell you … Continue reading

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Bumping this up

Where all you foo’s been? This place has died down completely. I’d post at work if I could but it’s been hectic due to Telstra launching to many new promotions. Let’s leave that on the side since all I seem … Continue reading

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So I’m getting pretty old now…

Well, it’s been a month since my last post.  Just to explain, yes, I found someone that’s a liar, and no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. Where has everyone been lately?  It’s been so quiet here.  If there’s someone … Continue reading

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