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Aftermath of the trip, pt 1

Well, another trade show, another bore.  Though because it was my first semiconductor show in China, there were a few things different. The first thing different is that because this was a show in Asia, there had to be more … Continue reading

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I <3 Yuu!

Actually, I think that’s the name of one of her photobooks.  I forget, but I know I have the photobook laying around somewhere.  This post is very late, since I promised Smaky these pix a long time ago.  Here are … Continue reading

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Gimped Smaky III

So being the goof that I am I decided to play bball last night after rolling the left ankle on Thursday night.  Well the left ankle felt at like about 85% so I just put a tensor on it and … Continue reading

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what the f…….

Someone fished my car,  literally. I was at the mall with a couple friends and I parked in the parkade.  Came back out a few hours later and someone threw part of their sashimi platter on my car.  I had … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time…

I’ve just realized I’ve not posted for what seems like a month… or two months!  I guess rather than just saying it’s because of work it’s probably more neglect and apathy.  Which is a problem I have with blogs… I’d … Continue reading

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Gimped Smaky II

So I was playing some basketball last night and I drove to the net and went up for the lay-in.  As I landed my left foot came on top of another player’s foot.  My ankle immediately rolled on impact and … Continue reading

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stupid DST

So, what wtf is up with DST?  It’s all BS.. it doesn’t even save electricity.  I can’t even stay awake because my sleeping patterns are all f’d up.  BAHHHHH! Here is an entertaining article: It even states that DST … Continue reading

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The truth comes out:

pdog_lab_: so folks vhat are y’all doing this mornin citsejam: you were never able to get sunday? 😉 pdog_lab_: recollecting old tales of yore & whore? gyuri:

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got to love them municipality workers

If said traffic light at a very busy intersection is broken on Saturday evening, it would be nice if you fixed it before the MONDAY MORNING RUSH HOUR, and if you can’t fix it, please assign a cop to direct … Continue reading

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Such shady practices…

On Saturdays, my friends and I normally play basketball at a gym in Hayward.  We rent out the gym and just play basketball for about 3 hours straight.  After the game, some of us would go out to dinner.  This … Continue reading

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