So today was a busy day at work but it was also the trade deadline for the NHL.

I am monitoring the live updates while at work and watching TSN during lunch.  The 3:00 pm EST deadline passes and there is no news from the Edmonton Oilers camp.  TSN even sent one of their analysts to Edmonton as there was a lot of rumblings that Edmonton was going to make a move or few.  So anyways the deadline appears to have passed and then 30 mins later news hits that just before the deadline the Oilers had agreed to a trade that involved Ryan Smyth.  Smyth is the bloodline of the Oilers, hes played his whole 12 year NHL career here in Edmonton, he was born and raised in Alberta and for him to wear any other jersey that isn’t Edmonton Oiler or Team Canada is sacrilegious.  But alas Smyth and the Oilers organization could not come to a new contract and Smyth would have become a free agent at the end of the season and the Oilers were not going to take a chance and lose him for nothing in return.  So what did we get in return from the New York Islanders, two first round draft picks who really haven’t done much but could have potential, and their 2007 first round draft pick.
I tell you that 2007 draft pick better be a HELL of a draft pick as the 2 existing players as far as I’m concerned dont’ amount to much for this organization.  There is a chance that Smyth can still resign with the Oilers again in the off-season and I hope he does but it will still annoy me hes suiting up in a uniform that is not the Edmonton Oilers :(.  Today was also Mark Messier day, the Oilers retired his jersey to the rafters, the man who was present for all 5 Oiler Stanley Cups.  Then to add insult to injury the Oilers lose 3-0 to the Phoenix Coyotes.

I’m sad >__<, its going to be hard to watch the Oilers without Smyth in the line up and I have tickets to 4 games in March 🙁 I must now go console myself with BSG ;(

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  1. is2hyolee says:

    Shotgun one of the tickets 😀

    – jamz

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