Dream #4

Once again I had a dream…

I was sleeping in my bed and then I woke up. I find my roommate getting ready for class, and I sit up in my bed. Her hair was a little wet, as she had just taken a shower and was still drying it out with a towel. I just stared at her drying her hair, her soft hands rubbing the towel againist her long brown hair. She was wearing a white t shirt and sweats. I still felt so tired for some reason, and just sat there looking. She then turned around and saw me, and gave me a smile. I smiled back even through how tired I felt. She then headed into the bathroom and I put my energy into getting out of bed. I put on some pants, and decided that I should go running in the workout room. So I wait for her to come out from the bathroom, but for some reason she switched into a green and black top with shorts. So we both walk down hedaing downstairs. She followed me into the workout room and decided that she wasn’t going to class and she wanted to work out also. So I was like okay, and we both jumped on the treadmill. I started slow and gradually picked up the speed. I was looking ahead through the window the whole time, looking at people pass by and people talking to each other. I then turn my head to my roommate, and I see her running. Her brown hair jumping up and down, and flying back and forth so freely. I could hear her breathing over my own, and we were almost in sync. I kept looking at her and seeing how beautiful she was looking. Her face was shinning with a feeling of passion and joy, reflecting of the sun. Her brown hair shinning in the sun and her soft skin looked so warm. I kept running, but I slowed my treadmill down just so I could look at this amazing site. She truly looked wonderful, Her beautiful arms moving in motion with her legs. I don’t know why, but I could not stop staring. I then decided to get off the treadmill and sit down for a bit. Continuing to look at her run, it was just simply hypnotic to me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I walked in front of her tread mill and I looked at her, and she smiled at me. And then she pointed at me and I woke up.

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  1. is2hyolee says:

    I knew that photo was coming hehe

    – jamz

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