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hands in my pockets…

why is everyone trying to stick their hands in my pockets? *tries to remember that commercial about “hands in my pockets”* lol   Sports Illustrated: I have heard ppl being sucked into this before, but never have i witness it … Continue reading

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Finklses Combat Round 1

Introducing a new segment to the coffee blog and probably the last time it will ever happen again on this blog barring a lot acid and gallons of red bull I present. FFC aka FINKLSES FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. We have two … Continue reading

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I blew my computer up

This past week, I spent a good each night prepping my computer to backup my data and transfer stuff off the harddrives and onto dvds.  Also, Linux couldn’t read one of my NTFS partitions, so I wanted to back up … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday…..

To meeee!!!!!!  It’s my bday today.. I’m 31.  OUCH.

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I’m at home working since 1030PM PST and now it’s 2:01PM PST.  YAWNNNNnnn…. I am so tired!  This call is so boring too — since I don’t have productoin access.. i feel so useless hehe. AND I have a meeting … Continue reading

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Technology can be useful as well as a dread

This weekend I went out and bought a 1gig microSD chip for my phone. It was about time my “MP3-phone” had a collection of mp3s on it. So I took it home and started to play around with loading music … Continue reading

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Happy MLK day!

Hi Guys, Happy MLK day.. at least for the peeps in the US (and not for everyone either but govt and TM has holiday today).  I hope everyone has a good and fun day today…

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As most of the people that hang out in #finklses on irc, I went to Shanghai and Hong Kong for the Christmas break.  So I left Edmonton Saturday December 23rd in the morning, flew into Vancouver where I had a … Continue reading

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wut the….

I go on vacation for 2 weeks, I come back and theres been two whole posts and none since Dec. 28…… Y’all suck, I’ll post some stuff later, I’m going to try to reset my sleeping pattern from the time … Continue reading

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