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Small Update

My mom is doing fine, doctors there gave her some injections.  Apparently these doctors are the wiser ones, as they could tell from the initial examination yesterday that her kidney was indeed reacting to the medication, something that the American … Continue reading

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It’s Tuesday…

… And I still didn’t get a chance to touch that F.E.A.R. Expansion set yet (let alone more important things like PHP stuff ^^;).  If this keeps going on I may need to re-evaluate my priorities.

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Gimp Smaky

I just blew out my back playing bball, I stretched for a pass and my back went “I HATE YOU SMAKY!!!” pwned I am, I can’t even bear to get up to make dinner, pooey 🙁

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The Wild Wild Weekend

In truth, this wild weekend actually began last weekend. Let me indulge into the details. Last weekend, which also happened to be Thanksgiving break weekend, was a somewhat tumultuous ride as well, and none of it was really because of … Continue reading

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It’s 1:33 AM and I’m still up…

… But I’m exhausted. In fact, this has got to be the most exhausting, melodramatic, and unbelievable weekend I’ve ever had. I’ll chronicle it later in the day. For now, just know that it’s ended…

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USC are big choke artists.. what is up with them, eh?  Anyways.. Rose Bowl for them.  They couldn’t beat OSU anyway.

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For he’s a jolly good fellow …

And says so all of us! I am now party of the old group. How fun! Where my pressies! RAWR!

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dumb friends.. sigh.

(14:05:27) scdtam work: yeah sed isn’t cooperating atm (14:05:33) MiyagiP: what does the file say (14:09:30) scdtam work: sed: -e expression #1, char 59: Unterminated `s’ command (14:09:39) scdtam work: like I missing a ‘ (14:10:04) MiyagiP: gimme ur sed … Continue reading

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Forget reality TV. Let’s have reality dreams.

Since everyone’s been writing about their dreams lately, I’ll join in on the fun. If you guys frequent the channel, you’ll know that 90% of my topics for discussion involves Gyuri in one way or another, and the other 10% … Continue reading

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interesting coworkers…

So, I had an interesting night last night. My team has this guy who has been with the company for about 25 years. He is an old TM employee (about ~45 yrs old) and he’s been a datacenter manager for … Continue reading

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