The Sandwich

Now at work right, our emailing system is used a lot. When I mean a lot, I mean a lot! Anyways, we have certain folders which allocates team emails, new/server updates, personal stuff & another folder called ‘Shift Swaps’ (Self-explanatory?).
Other consultants use it to spam topics which aren’t work related (Shift swaps) from a time-to-time basis. We tend to get outta hand and treat it as a chatroom which then ends when a team leader sends out an email to the floor, simply stating it’s use for work use only, blah blah blah.
About 2 days ago while I was browsing the shift swap section, I found this. Now I would have taken a printscreen shot but unforunately we can’t send out. Crap? I know.


Someone stole my sandwich (ham cheese and pesto). They left the nectarine but took the sandwich, i’ve emptied the fridge and it’s not there and NOW I’M STARVING YOU BASTARD.

I’m at pod 3 seat 34 level 10, stop by and fucking buy me some lunch whoever it was …

Poor guy, LOL! That it is gold, I believe he got told off since he had to recall it back. I decided to keep that email for spammage-use next time.

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  1. P-Dog says:

    Looks like they’re watching too much “Friends”. Ross lost his sandwich too.

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