Christmas Presents For The Misses

Weeks ago when Yan Yan was gone I was literally one click away from getting either a Wii or PS3 (both at inflated prices) or an Xbox360. Her being gone caused me some good misery and loneliness that probably would have been resolved nicely with games. Each time though, I opted out of buying a game system because I felt that 1) I don’t really play games THAT much anymore, and 2) What a damn selfish thing to do, self indulgence! For any of the game systems it would probably total more than $600 for the system, second controller, some games, and cabling. In the case of the PS3, probably more than $1200. I hesitated each time, knowing that I probably could spend it on something that would make Yan Yan happier instead of satisfying some of my own fleeting and fickle desires.

The other week, a few days before she got back, I finally got up the nerve to do something less self-indulgent. I went to the mall and dropped in at Kay Jewelers and found exactly what I was looking for:

It’s one of those 3-stone pendants, to symbolize past, present, and future (now and forever I guess?). Kay was really good about no-interest financing too, so I didn’t have to dump out a whole bunch of cash all at once. There was also a really dope sliding picture frame that this pendant goes in:

This way, Yan Yan will think it’s just a picture frame first, but when she slides it open… TADA!

What’s even better is that I also got $600 worth of coupons on my next jewelry purchase from Kay. Meaning of course, next year I can get a pretty good price on a birthday gift.

At this point in time she still has no idea what I got for her yet, so I hope this will put a smile on her face and a song in her heart on Christmas Day.

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  1. Smaky says:

    The bed will be squeaking over the Christmas break at Phil’s house -X

  2. P-Dog says:

    Now guys, please behave yourselves heheh.

  3. Smaky says:

    *squeak squeak*????

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