So what happened to the back???

So I have been MIA from the coffee blog for the past week and half.  Its been quite the week and half. 

So what happened, well last Monday we were playing our quarterfinal game in bball and we had just started the 2nd half and since we were the top seed playing that night we played the lowest seed so we had like a 40 point lead at the time.  Anyways we were on a fast break down the court and my teammate passed me the ball, I reached out to catch the pass and then all of a sudden my back went completely spastastic on me, I crumpled to the ground the ball went out of bounds and I called for a timeout and laid on the floor.  My back was all seized up and it took me about 2 mins to get to the sidelines.  Anyways I don’t really know how but I managed to drive myself home where I somehow also managed to take a shower.  Anyways the pain was pretty bad and I had almost no mobility and it took a lot of effort just to get up. 

I’ve had minor flare ups on my ankles, knees and back and usually it takes one good night of sleep and its like I was never injured.  Well anyways I tried to sleep and I slept face down as it was the most comfortable position even though it sucked.  I couldn’t sleep though and I know I was still awake at 3:30.  Anyways I finally managed to doze off for a few hours and woke up around 8am, I tried to get around but I still could barely move so I basically gimped myself over to the computer and emailed my boss and telling her I blew out my back and I could barely move let alone come into work. 

To give you all an idea how hard it was for me to move Monday night and Tuesday, once I got myself up which took like an excrutiating minute or 2, I could not take more than 2 steps without my back spasing back up and forcing me to shudder in pain.  I was basically dragging myself along the railings and walls to get from my room to the washroom and what not.  I was pretty sure my grandma whose been fighting Parkison’s disease for the last 2 decades could walk better than me at that point.  So anyways I was ice pack/ heat on my back all day but i wasn’t getting much relief.  So on Wednesday I managed to drive myself into work as we had a meeting and I needed to set up my remote access to work from home because there was a bunch of work that needed to be done regardless of how injured I was but I couldn’t sit in a chair very long so I was just going to work for an hour lay down for an hour from home.  I went home after the meeting but I also phoned the “elbow man” to see if he could squeeze me in for a massage.  My dad and family friend see him for all their muscle strains and what not and he always has them feeling better.  But he doesn’t do massages the normal way, he basically uses his elbow to grind the hell out of your sore points and he generates a lot of pain without using a lot of pressure.  Anyways he slotted me in for Thursday at 3:00.  I worked from home for most of Wednesday and Thursday. 

When I saw elbow man on Thursday he took a look at me and he was like “your hip pointers are about an inch and half off, I can loosen your back muscles and provide you some relief but you need to see a chiropractor”  So basically for an hour he grinded out my lower back and it hurt like hell but afterwards I could definitely feel the looseness in the muscles, back was still hella sore and still had limited mobility but it was a definite improvement.  So feeling a bit better I went into work Friday and my friend got the number for their cousin’s chiropractor whose office is like 2 blocks from where I work.  So I phoned them and they were like they need to do an initial assessment and that takes an hour and there wasn’t an opening for an assesment that day and asked if Saturday morning was ok which it was.

So I show up at the chiro Sat morning for the initial assesment and we go through some questions and then he looks at my back and what not and hes like, “Your hip is way off, the right side is an inch and half higher than the left side.”  and then he stretched me out on the thing you lay on to get adjusted and you could definitely see as a result my right foot was an inch and half higher than my left foot.  So basically I’ve been walking on uneven feet for who knows how long.  So anyways after the assesment basically my hip was off, I was hunched over and compressing my lower back and my spine was curved to the left.  I was waiting to throw out my back and I could have thrown it out doing anything including sleeping.  So the chiro made some initial adjustments and I have to see him 3 times a week for the 2 weeks leading up to my trip and the week after I get back from my trip, then we will just go into maintenance mode where I just go back once a month for tuneups, which I plan to do with all the sports I plan to play :).    Anyways I have been in 3 times and my back is feeling really good and my right leg is adjusting to the new length as I am no longer gimpy.  I can now walk around with my back straight and it feels natural which I am loving right now.

And that my friends is the story of Smaky and his back 06.  we’ll see what happens in 07 🙂

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  1. P-Dog says:


    Ouch that sounded painful. Well hope you get better and aren’t so lopsided in the future hahaha.

  2. Shweetie says:

    retuuuurn of the back. retuuuurn of the back.

  3. fobtastic says:

    oh noes! now that song is stuck in my head! you bastard!

  4. is2hyolee says:

    Have you brick’d that chiro yet? 😮

    – jamz

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