Gyuri overload

So I found a messload of Gyuri pix this morning of her taking care of some kids at an orphanage. My goodness the girl is pretty. I would love to have her take care of our babies 😉

Gyuri and Phone

I want her cell phone number. Anyone want to hook me up with it?

Gyuri and hair pulling

The poor thing. Her hair’s being pulled. Someone needs to slap that kid. Only I can play with her hair 😉

Gyuri dressing up someone

Pfft. I need help to dress myself too! You can help me any day. 🙂

Lucky bastard ;)

This bastard doesn’t know how lucky he is. Well maybe he does, but he sure is luckier than me, and I’m jealous.

Oh, and there are more Gyuri pix on my gallery. You know you want to go there and check them out!  😀

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11 Responses to Gyuri overload

  1. Majestic says:

    This, my friend, is what defines this blog.

  2. fobtastic says:

    Don’t worry. She has to wait on that little boy for awhile, which gives you time to move in and steal her from that little boy.

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