Chicken Soup… Yum! :-D

My brother’s been sick the past week, and I’m fed up with it.  So I decided kill the germs with some hearty chicken soup.  But since my brother’s been pretty lame the last week, I figured I would punish him and make him eat some extra healthy Chinese chicken soup.

So on my way home from work last night, I swung by a Chinese herbal medicine shop and picked up one of their chicken stewing mixes.  For those of you that that don’t know, it contains lots of different kinds of roots and herbs that the Chinese believe to be make you feel better, or at least healthier.  My thing was it was just too easy to make.

I swung by the Vietnamese market next door to buy a chicken and some veggies to cook up dinner.  Well, after picking up the onion, celery, chicken, etc, I went to pay.  And being me, I don’t like to pay with cash.  So the moment the machine said, “Swipe your card,” I did it.  And right after I did, the cashier said to me, “There’s a $10 minimum.”  What?  Boo!  My total came out to be a bit over $9.00.  And she wouldnt let use my card still.  So I had to run around the store to pick up a can or something that costs over $1.  I ended up getting 2 cans of chicken broth just to put me over the limit.  Bleh.

I got home and put together 2 pots of soup.  One would be for my brother, which contains the Chinese herbs and what not, and one would be for me, a simple chicken noodle soup.  But lately, I’ve been making 2 pots of everything.  My brother likes his food really salty, and I don’t like using a lot of salt in my cooking, so ever since my last pot of pho, everything’s been split into 2.  I mean I make a huge amount anyways, so having 2 pots is nice, but it’s just weird having to season 2 pots differently.  Oh wells.

All I have to say now is chicken soup rox.  🙂

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