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The Sandwich

Now at work right, our emailing system is used a lot. When I mean a lot, I mean a lot! Anyways, we have certain folders which allocates team emails, new/server updates, personal stuff & another folder called ‘Shift Swaps’ (Self-explanatory?). … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

It’s the day after Christmas, the one and only Boxing Day!  Have fun packaging your stuff to return it to the store!

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Christmas Presents For The Misses

Weeks ago when Yan Yan was gone I was literally one click away from getting either a Wii or PS3 (both at inflated prices) or an Xbox360. Her being gone caused me some good misery and loneliness that probably would … Continue reading

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So I almost got rear ended on the weekend…

On saturday night I was driving to the church Christmas party in my mom’s suv as my car is still in the shop (thats another story I might get into another time).  So I was going up one of the … Continue reading

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So what happened to the back???

So I have been MIA from the coffee blog for the past week and half.  Its been quite the week and half.  So what happened, well last Monday we were playing our quarterfinal game in bball and we had just … Continue reading

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Yet More Distractions

Uh oh, myst finally got me to sign up for join them for the Coffee Break. Now I have yet another way to procrastinate. And you know what they say about procratination: “Procrastination is like masturbation. In the end, you … Continue reading

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Shopping for sizes

So today at lunch, I stopped by the mall to pick up some socks, for I have a dreaded sock eating monster hidden in my washing machine. After picking up a package of brand new white socks, I swung by … Continue reading

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Gyuri overload

So I found a messload of Gyuri pix this morning of her taking care of some kids at an orphanage. My goodness the girl is pretty. I would love to have her take care of our babies 😉 I want … Continue reading

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ARGH >_______

Continues to suck to be me, k thx 🙁 stayed tune for more updates >__

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Chicken Soup… Yum! :-D

My brother’s been sick the past week, and I’m fed up with it.  So I decided kill the germs with some hearty chicken soup.  But since my brother’s been pretty lame the last week, I figured I would punish him … Continue reading

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