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Field of Dreams… er…

I usually have very odd dreams, some of which include me being chased around the city by some Godzilla-like monster, but yesterday was far different. It was far less fear-inducing than being chased by giant lizards, but it was still … Continue reading

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When tech support goes bad

So recently I ordered DSL through SBC.  The process was pretty painless… yeah right! I tried to order DSL from their website.  I typed in my address and guess what?  They could not find my address.  Now if my place … Continue reading

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The weekend that was all downhill Part II

I would just like to add to my part 1 post.  When Sears cancelled my Wii order at the bottom it said something along the lines “Sorry for the inconvienience, please send us any comments or feedback @ random email … Continue reading

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The weekend that was all downhill Part 1

So just like coffeegirl posted earlier, Sears sucks, I had an order for 2 Wii’s from them and I got an email from them Thursday night/Friday morning that they were cancelling the order because they had no stock of the … Continue reading

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so sad… no wii

sears… NEVER AGAIN!! damn bastards cancelled my order. stupid lack of POS online and inventory control. stupid lack of committment to their consumers. stupid purchasing dept can’t even committ to a single shipment with their suppliers. if you ain’t got … Continue reading

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Go Canada? wut da….. ok I admit, I dont’ follow baseball I hate watching it and I don’t care?  But my question is, if an American won the MVP award that wasn’t Jeeter would there be a headline like that????  I … Continue reading

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my post is 1/2 cut off….   ak… im too lazy to retype the other 1/2…maybe later

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water warning

today is the 5th day for GVRD’s water discoloration warning. which really didnt effect me except when i was at work. where i live is totally fine. water is v. v. clear. so today is Monday, and i need a … Continue reading

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Moving is one tiring ordeal

So this weekend I started to move out of my current place and into my own apartment.  I never thought I had a lot of stuff until I had to take everything out of drawers and put them into boxes.  … Continue reading

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Seriously, some should keep their mouths shut

More of my stupid people rants. Yesterday, I had to call the bank to get information about my brother’s bank account and why it wasn’t opened yet.  Well I went to the bank’s website to look for a contact phone … Continue reading

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