many rants of coffeegurlo

here’s a list of many things that peeves me (in no particular order)…

  1. you come to work to work. not yack on the goddamn phone all day. i say this only to those that speak as if they are in a rock concert. i really do not care whether your son wants to do your laundry b/c he has nothing better to do in his 16 yr old life than to call you.
  2. i do not like pluggin in my mp3 player, cranking it to full and still hear your whole friggin converstation. it is rude, distrubing and i can’t concentrate on my spreadsheet ESPECIALLY during a month end crunch. stfu for god’s sake.
  3. just b/c you moved your folder from my inbox (paper tray) to ontop of my keyboard i am going to do your crap earlier when i know there is not a deadline for that. key punching, you have the ability to do that too. i have prioritiess too you know. If you want my help to get it done faster, have the courtesy to at least ask me to…. please.
  4. ppl on the train/public transit do not know how to stfu or use their “inside” voice. have a little courtesy for your fellow 5-7am commuters.
  5. do not put your dirty shoes/legs on the sit next to you. if you plan on doing so, either pay for double fair or clean the friggin seat off. i feel sorry for the next person wearing a nice suit to sit in your crap.
  6. do not eat on the train if you plan on eating stinky smelly food. not everyone find you hog wash a delicacy.
  7. fat people should not just “plump” themselves into a seat next to somebody (esp if they are rest-sleeping). you scare the crap out of them; not to mention you basically suffocate their space. public transit to make room for ‘oversize’ passengers and charge 2x fair. why must i share my seat???
  8. do not wear cheap scented oil that you call perfume. this will not increase your sex appeal. in fact it will only drive everyone within a 20 mile radius away from you. poor me and my allergies.
  9. just b/c you high beam me on a EMPTY hiway, i will not speed up just for you, esp not when im already at 120km/h. there is an empty lane beside you, USE it! or did they not teach you how to change lanes in driving school?
  10. there are not enough hours in a day to work, sleep, eat, study and have time to enjoy something called ‘life’
  11. i come to work to do my job, not yours!. if you half ass complete part of your job, dont expect me to complete the the other half. i really don’t like clearing, uploading, etc your the rest of your whatever-cycle in the morning when you give me 100s of variances in my many accounts. it is time wasting and a nusance when this can all be avoided… argggg
  12. if you don’t have a big suitcase, luggage; are not handicapped, broken limbs, a senior, etc… don’t take the elevator for 1-2 level? for crying out loud… how lazy are you??? take the friggin stairs, so we don’t have to listen to you complain about gaining 5 lbs.

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