“Let’s be friends”

I never understood that sentence.  Sure, on the outside it seems like a nice and easy way to break someone’s heart, but have you ever sat down to think about the effects?

I’ve been reading quite a few posts on different forums lately about people breaking up with their girlfriends.  One guy even had a nice long post about how he felt like his girlfriend ripped his heart out, stabbed it with needles, then threw it to a pitbull.  Yeah… he was hurt.

But what hurt him more was the ex still wanted him as a friend.  She still wanted to see him.  She still wanted to have him around.  She still wanted to keep everything the same, even though things weren’t.  And that’s where my question comes in.  WHY DO GIRLS STILL WANT TO KEEP THEIR EXBOYFRIENDS AROUND?

Simple guy knowledge dictates that if a girl breaks your heart once, she’s going to do it again.  But apparently, girls don’t seem to understand this point.  If the guy is a looser that beats on you, he’s not going to change.  Dump that fool and move on.

But when a guy gets dumped by a girl, she still wants him a backup, just in case the new relationship doesn’t work out.

Actually you know what?  I’m lost.  I have no idea what I’m ranting about anymore.  I just need someone, preferably a girl to explain to me why the hell you still want your exboyfriends around?  It’s like you don’t want them happy at all.  They’re miserable because you dumped them, but the moment they try to get over you, you want them back.  What kind of twisted logic is that?

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745 Responses to “Let’s be friends”

  1. Korathin says:

    It’s all about getting their revenge and torturing their ex. If any woman tries to deny that then they are just lying. =P

  2. susan says:

    Its about having plan B. You try to find something better, but things might not work out, so it is always good to think, “if I turn 30 and no prospects going, I still have him around”.

    Perhaps that is the reason? I am unsure, but I think women just dont want to be alone. If the girl finds a better guy, she wont care about her ex but if the ground feels shaky, she will want to be “friends” again.

  3. Smaky says:

    Your just a sucker 99% of the time if u stick around after a girl breaks up with u and asks to still be friends. Leave that wench and bang her sister or best friend and show her the tape for revenge.

  4. P-Dog says:

    I’ve seen this happen some times the other way around, where a guy “attempts” to come back to a girl he dumped.

    But generally it’s very hard to trust someone at the same level after they’ve severed the relationship.

  5. myst says:

    It was probably you doing the crawling back huh Phil? 🙂

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