French Bakeries: Where are they?

Last week I went to La Baguette at the Stanfurd Shopping Center and ate for the first time there. Bought some brioches for me & Yan Yan while we shopped. Man those are some damn tasty treats. There were some other nice French treats there that I didn’t get a chance to eat, but it looked appetizing nonetheless.

Yesterday, after work, I went to every bakery in Gilroy, and guess what, no brioches! Hardly anything French in fact. I tried looking online for anything that might be close by, but to no avail.

So I pose the question to you guys: do you know of any bomb-ass French bakeries in (South) San Jose, Morgan Hill, or Gilroy? Palo Alto is too far for me. It could be a chain or independent. Anyways, if you get a chance, have some brioche too. Man I’m getting hungry just thinking of it.

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  1. Majestic says:

    You need some poutine.

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