Dream #2

I was looking around my house for a pen. But then I happened to stumble upon a white cat sitting under my couch. It had blue eyes and looked like it had very soft fur.  I moved closer and noticed it had a tag around its neck. I moved slowly towards the cat and tried to catch the words on it, but the cat ran away to my table. I stood there looking at its beautiful white fur and thought who could own such a beautiful cat. I wanted to move it closer, but I knew it would just run away again. So I just went on to continue looking for my pen. I moved into the kitchen and then saw a beautiful girl cooking. Her long brown hair flowing down her back and shoulders. Her white shirt shinning the sun being reflected into the glass window. Standing there in her white shorts, she was making eggs with a side of ham. She turned around and I looked at her beautiful face. It was most delightful and I just wanted to grab her and kiss her. I give her a long look and decided to walk outside to the backyard under the sun. Once I stepped outside, I felt a cool breeze come through my hair. As I stared into the scenery around me, I then felt a warm hand move onto my shoulder. It was her, her soft hands with pink fingernails, it was a good feeling. She then moved next to me and stood there. Both of us stared into the surroundings. She moved her hand down now into my hand and we both held it there together. I then moved my head towards her, and looked at her stare into the backyard. Her eyelashes and nose poked out of her lucious hair. She then turned my way, and looked straight into my eyes. I stared right back into her, and I could see how warm she felt inside. I was feeling the same warmth inside myself and started to smile alittle at how beautiful she was. She smiled back and started to pull me closer to her. I moved closer to her, my nose now touching hers gently. Our eyes locked into each other and blocking all else around us. And then she closed her eyes and moved her lips next to mine…

Then I woke up.
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